1.What is Main Street Greenwood, Inc.?

Main Street Greenwood, Inc. is a non-profit organization working for the revitalization and promotion of Historic Downtown Greenwood.

2.Who funds Main Street Greenwood?

Funds are generated through local government, membership dues, grants, and self generated funds.

3.Why a membership structure?

Memberships allow businesses, organizations, and individuals to take an active, annual role in Main Street Greenwood, Inc. Memberships are a proven method of encouraging ongoing revitalization projects.

4.Where will my money be invested?

Membership dues are invested in the daily operation of our organization. By helping keep our lights on and paying our director, you invest in the restoration and revitalization of Historic Downtown Greenwood.

5.Why are membership rates based on the number of employees?

By preserving and restoring our Historic Downtown, we directly impact and benefit the lives of individuals within our community; individuals that work in your business. The more employees you have, the more people benefit and participate in the work of Main Street.

6.What if my business is not downtown?

The downtown business district is the heart of an overall economically vibrant community. Without a healthy heart, the community suffers. Downtown Greenwood is the center of government, the historic core, and downtown represents a significant portion of the tax base for a community. Everyone, not just downtown businesses and residents benefit from a vital downtown core.

7.What is the difference between Main Street and the Chamber of Commerce?

While we partner, the Greenwood Leflore Chamber and Main Street are different entities. The Chamber of Commerce works to attract business, improve the community, and provide benefits throughout Leflore County. Main Street Greenwood is focused on the preservation, promotion, and revitalization of Historic Downtown Greenwood.

8.Who does the work of Main Street Greenwood?

Main Street Greenwood is a community driven organization, community members carry out our mission. Main Street is governed by a board of 15 directors with executive director managing the day to day activities of our organization. Our work is carried out through three volunteer supported committees: promotion, design, and economic re-structuring.

9.How is Main Street Greenwood’s effectiveness evaluated?

You can simply ride through Historic Downtown Greenwood to take note of our past projects. Our award winning projects include the restoration of the clock tower on the courthouse, the Keesler Bridge, the renovation of Howard Street, the restoration of business facades along Carrollton and Johnson Streets, and countless façade improvements to iconic buildings throughout downtown.

10.Why should I invest in Main Street?

Our downtown represent a part of who we are, where we come from, and the values instilled within us. By investing in Main Street Greenwood, you insure that future generations will experience the sense of place and belonging that is a part of who we are as a community.

11.Are there other ways to participate?

Absolutely. Main Street Greenwood relies on active volunteers to serve on committees, help with events and fundraising, or sponsor events.