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$1000 facade grant program

The Main Street Greenwood Façade Grant Program will provide awards up to $1,000.00 per project for exterior improvements to buildings within Downtown Greenwood’s Main Street District. The improvements include: store signage, lighting, awnings, windows, building fronts, entries, planters, and other expenditures as defined by Main Street Greenwood’s board of directors. The Main Street Greenwood Façade Grant Program is a reimbursement program. All awards shall be retained pending completion and inspection of the project. Please fill out the form below to let us know if you’re interested in our facade grant program. You can also download the facade grant application here.

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2002 Traditions on Howard Street

2002 Greenwood Taekwondo on Howard Street

2003 Mississippi Gift Company on Howard Street

2003 Sweet Pea on Howard Street

2003 Fincher’s on Howard Street

2003 Barrett Hodges on Howard Street

2003 First Presbyterian Church on Main Street

2003 Mississippi Gift Company on Howard Street

2004 Super Soul Shop on Howard Street

2007 Confederate Memorial Building on Henderson Street

2007 Community Kitchen on Johnson Street

2008 Lavere Property on Howard Street

2009 Traditions on Howard Street

2009 Greyhound Bus Station on Main Street

2010 Smith and Company on Fulton Street

2010 Orlansky Investment Property on Johnson Street

2012 Lina Elfert 216 West Washington

2012 Greenwood School District 410, 412, 414 Main

2013 Ramcat Investment 115 Howard

2013 Carlos Palmer 104 W. Market

2013 Slvester Hoover 607 Main Street

2013 Judy Nail  214 Howard Street

8/1/2013 Brewer-Pittman 201 West Market Street

2014 Downtown Rentals (Meek) 416 Main Street

2014 Frank's Flowers 300 Fulton Street

2015 Johnson McAdams Firm  108 West Market 

2015 ArtPlace MS  212 West Washington

2015 Ray Nash (Nash's Service Station) 310 Fulton Street 

2015 Katherine T. Mills  213 West Front Street

2016 Debra Shaw (D+D Soul Food)  607 Main Street

2016 The Skin Clinics 115 Howard Street

2017 D+D SOUL FOOD 607 Main Street

2017 Lott Apartments Awning 203/205 Howard St. 

2017 Cotton Row Club Ramcat Alley 

2018 Old City Hall 108 E Market

2018 Downtown Welcome Mural 108 E Market

2018 Tasty Sipz 325 Main

2019 Monograms and More 313 Howard Street