que on the yazoo


how do you que?

Nestled along the banks of the Yazoo River, Que on the Yazoo is a BBQ cooking competition held the first weekend in May every year. Que on the Yazoo will feature live music and activities for BBQ enthusiasts of all ages throughout the weekend. There is no admission fee.

Que on the Yazoo is sanctioned through the Memphis Barbecue Network (MBN) and is a Patio & Championship Competition. Que on the Yazoo also features a Steak Cook-off and a Kids Burger Contest, sponsored by the Steak Cook-Off Association (SCA).

Que on the Yazoo is held in historic downtown Greenwood, which celebrates a unique culinary heritage as it is home to Viking Range, countless Delta eateries and The Viking Cooking School. It is a fundraising project of Main Street Greenwood, Inc., a non-profit committed to the promotion and preservation of our downtown. Funds generated from Que on the Yazoo work to ensure that downtown remains a vital destination to live work and play. 

Que on the Yazoo is a major driver of economic impact for the Greenwood community. In 2018, the estimated direct expenditures were $388,192. The total value added to the community, including secondary impacts, was estimated to be $441,275. Direct impacts of new money were estimated at $190,250, and secondary impacts from visitor spending were estimated to be $67,512. The total value added from visitor spending alone was estimated at $257,763. According to the survey responses, 76.4% of the visitors came from the local area, and 23.6% traveled more than 50 miles to attend the event. The average distance traveled, however, was 51 miles, indicating that many visitors came from the surrounding communities. View the full economic impact report from MSU Extension here.

Make plans to join us for our next Que event today!